Sunday, June 23, 2013

these days

things on my mind:

 nikhil d's debut collection for 11.11 is a line of bespoke, free size t-shirts that look like something that might have belonged to you since forever.
lookbook shot by colston julian.
entirely recycled, the t-shirts have been patched together with archival fabrics of 11.11 and dyed over.
the custom tags for each t-shirt are made of cereal boxes that nikhil has been collecting for the past few months.
my hair reached this stage thanks to a freak accident at the salon. but now that i'm here...
i'm biding my time, looking for someone who actually enjoys cutting short hair.
long hair isn't for me.
prada/ stella mccartney
the hunt for thick rubber sole shoes is on.
collecting things that billow in the wind. drama.


  1. Love this post and YES the hunt for thick soled rubber shoes is SO ON

    1. i booked a white pair online from some pokey chinese website. i'll only know what its like once it gets here.

  2. i enjoy cutting short hair. have many ideas too. :)

    1. would have been a no-brainer if you were a rickshaw ride away.

  3. Its called an A-line bob, if you wish to have this hairstyle, simply take a photo to a hairdresser and explain that this is what you would like...Look at Amelie Poulain...:)

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